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Keep Your Kids' Rooms Neat and Organized

Make it easy for your kids to keep their rooms neat and clean with storage options that work for any age. Flexible shelving and adjustable rods can change as your kids grow. When things are easy to reach, it’s not so hard to put them away. Kids' closet organizers like drawers and baskets store toys now and accessories and clothing later. The closet can change as your child grows from infant to teenager, and it’s a great way to teach your kids order and pride in their possessions at an early age.

Most kids' rooms have a reach-in closet that can be customized to make the most of the space you have – even up to the ceiling if need be. We can install multiple bars for smaller clothing and replace them as the child grows. For tall ceilings and lofts, we can optimize that space to hold rarely used and seasonal items. At Affordable Closets, LLC, your child's storage area will be an adjustable closet: We want to make sure that he or she can use the space from toddlerhood to the teenage years and beyond.

Remember: Making it easy to maintain the kids' rooms means less work for you.

A Custom Kids' Closet for Any Age

School-aged children need a place to do homework as well as a place to play or hang out with friends. Storing away all the gear and toys makes sense. Older kids may get even more use out of wall units in addition to the kids closet design, and a wall bed could expand the play/living space in the room.

Our custom designs mean that your closet and/or wall unit are created specifically for your organizational challenges while maintaining the look and feel of the room’s style. All our finishes, styles and hardware can be mixed and matched to your furnishings. Remember: Making it easy to maintain the kids' rooms means less work for you.

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