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Kids Closets Thornton, Colorado

If your kids’ closets are chaotic, cluttered, and full of mayhem and mess, you are definitely not alone. Children are notorious for not keeping their rooms neat and tidy, and when it comes to closets, which are generally hidden behind a closed door, all bets are off! The good news is that we can install an organizational system in your child’s closet that will not only help her to keep her closet neat, but will actually be enjoyable for her to use. Even better, our systems grow right along with your child, so even as she enters her pre-teen years, her teens and beyond, she’ll still have a useable system.

We Have What It Takes to Build a Child’s Closet

Kids are not mini-adults, and their closets should not be set up the same way as yours. Kids are shorter and they tend to store different things in their storage spaces. We are well-versed in what makes kids tick, and we are able to design closets that will work for them. Here are some of the considerations we keep in mind:

  • Kids are smaller than adults.

    Not only are kids smaller, but their clothing is smaller. For this reason, we install our clothing rods lower. The drawers may be smaller, as may be the spaces between the shelves.

  • Kids are not as manually adept as adults.

    Young children often have a hard time getting their items on the hangers. The result is often a pile of clean clothing on the closet floor, which tends to irritate parents! We might install hooks on the walls to allow kids to hang jackets and sweatshirts more easily, and things like bins and baskets can help keep items corralled even if they’re just put on a shelf.

  • Kids have lots of treasures.

    While adults tend to store clothing, shoes and accessories in their closets, your children may want to store things like stuffed animals, trophies and various treasures that they find. Instead of hindering this, we can work with them to find places for all of their belongings.

Call Today for Your Consultation for Kids’ Closets in Thornton, Colorado

We offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation appointment for homeowners wishing to know more about our closet systems. During this appointment, we can take some measurements and talk to you and your child about how his or her closet could better meet their needs. The process starts with a simple phone call, and you have nothing to lose, so contact us today!